Lime has partnered with Ubuntu to create app stores for its LimeSDR and LimeNET software-defined radio devices.

Created for both wireless operators, seeking to roll-out networks, and wireless developers, creating innovative platforms, the app stores enable developers to download technology stacks and package their own applications quickly, easily and reliably.

LimeSDR App Store

This store is for community contributed applications.

The LimeSDR app store is configured to inherit apps from both the LimeNET and main Ubuntu stores, meaning that a system configured to use this store will be able to install apps published to any of the three stores.

Network operators are advised to use certified applications from the LimeNET App Store.

Installing apps

This website simply provides a window into the app store. To configure a snap enabled system to use the LimeSDR app store:

  • Classic Ubuntu:
    • $ sudo echo "UBUNTU_STORE_ID=LimeSDR" >> /etc/environment
    • $ sudo service snapd restart
  • Ubuntu Core:
    • A pre-configured Core image will be published soon


By jokeeffe


A Cryptocurrency that operates by Proof of Stake. Neutron is no longer mineable and requires no expensive equipment to participate. By simply holding a balance in a open encrypted wallet you are awarded stakes in per-portion to the amount you hold for verifying transactions and helping to keep the network secure. You can earn additional coin's by participating in the "Nucleus Node" system which reward's participant's for operating a node on the Neutron network. If you are an expert or only just getting started, Neutron is a safe, green, and stable coin which allows you to store value digitally and generate income in NTRN based simply on the amount you hold. It is easier than ever to buy, stake, & trade.


Version: 1.1.1

Channel: stable

Last Updated: Thu Aug 10 2017